tourmaline ion therapy jewelry
Ki Flow healing tourmaline ion therapy jewelry

"After wearing the Ki Flow bracelet for a month, the pain from a nerve injury to my wrist a year ago completely disappeared. My digestion also improved. I sleep better (with intensified dream activity) and my mental clarity has improved as well. I recommend these products to everyone!"
~ Bazile Booth, RMT (massage therapist), Wisconsin

"I am amazed at how much better my body feels after wearing my Ki Flow bracelet! I still have some soreness in my body, but the chronic pain is not as intense. And there have been a few times when I have thought I really did not need to take any medication. Also, my mind seems to be calmer. I am amazed and I just wanted you to know. Thank you so much for selling this product!"
~ Jan Ellis, Colorado


"I had been having elimination problems for quite some time. However, after wearing the Ki Flow bracelets for a week, I noticed a significant improvement in my digestion - I no longer suffer from irregularity! My friend with a degenerative disease wears the Ki Flow necklace consistently, night and day. He seems less stressed by the difficulties he faces and is more relaxed at some internal level."
~ Connie McGrath, CEM, LMT (massage therapist), Massachusetts

"I am loving my Ki Flow Jewelry! I feel that my immune system is balancing itself and that my metabolism is kicking in. Today, at my 'drop dead from fatigue hour' (3-4pm), I felt great and had energy! My ankles are less swollen than before! Mentally, I feel more energy flow to my brain and I am thinking better and more calmly.

I have not had to go to the acupuncturist to remove my 'chi' blocks since I got the jewelry. Usually, I go once per week, but I haven't been in four months! I have been told by Chinese medicine doctors that my body is very cold and 'yin'. But, now with my jewelry, I am not so sensitive to cold and I can feel the warmth penetrating my skin (from the inside out)! I have experienced some itching and slight warmth around my neck for a day or so, which tells me the products are working!* I love these gentle signs of 'cleaning out the clutter!'"
~ Melissa Williamson, Yoga & Pilates instructor, Florida

"I am enjoying my Ki Flow Necklace. It works just like you said. I notice that it is important, while wearing it, to make sure I'm drinking enough water. The necklace seems to be collecting toxins - better those toxins are in it than me. And muscle testing (kinesiology) validates its usefulness. Thanks for bringing this to the USA."
~ Michael Marks, Health Intuitive, New York

"Soon after I first put the Ki Flow bracelet on, I noticed that my wrist felt hotter than the rest of my body briefly. I think it may be helping me remember my dreams better, as well as be more observant during my waking hours. I am less stressed out and have better mental clarity. They are great!"
~ Roberta Stellick, Student, Wisconsin

"When I first started wearing the Ki Flow bracelet, I felt a slight tingly feeling* in my wrist. After wearing it for a few weeks, I definitely seem to be sleeping better. I really like the Ki Flow products and I think they are worth being open to."
~ Tom S., Maryland

"I am very happy with the Ki Flow necklace so far. It is surprisingly comfortable and I don't even notice that I have it on! And your customer service is exceptional!"
~ Kathy W., Florida

"I am very pleased with my Ki Flow bracelet's clean appearance, as well as the fact that it is very lightweight and flexible. After wearing the bracelet for a few hours, I first noticed a growing warmth within my wrist, and a slight tingly feeling in the same lower arm. After a few days of wearing the bracelet, the tingling went away but the warmth within my wrists, and now within my hands, remains. It has been about a month since I started wearing the Ki Flow bracelet; the most noticeable change within my body while wearing it is a sustained mental clarity and awareness, which remains consistent for a longer period of time throughout the day."
~ Emily H., Wisconsin

"Since I started wearing the Ki Flow necklace and bracelet, even my dreams became calmer!"
~ Jan Buck, Oregon

"I am enjoying the bracelets and have felt energized during times of the day where I would have previously been very tired. I look forward to spreading the good word on the quality of your product!"
~ JoAnn, Canada

"I've been wearing my Ki Flow necklace for about 6 weeks and one of the most significant effects I have noticed is increased energy during the day. I can function really well with 6-7 hours of sleep at night instead of the 8-9 hours I needed before wearing the necklace. My job requires me to work in front of a computer, and I used to get muscle tension in my neck and shoulders from staring at the screen, but since wearing the necklace I have much less tension there.

I have also experienced some amazing detox effects from the Ki Flow necklace. The first time I wore it, my whole body started feeling itchy - a sensation that lasted for about 15 minutes. From my experience with other detox methods, I know that my body releases toxins primarily through my skin, so this itchiness was not surprising. Two weeks later, I noticed that the skin of my outer thighs, hips, and inside of my left wrist started turning darker and scaly.* To me, this was a sign that the Ki Flow necklace was definitely working. Now the detox process is nearly complete and my skin is almost back to normal - I feel much healthier than before! I am very happy with the results I have gotten from the Ki Flow necklace and I really want to recommend these products to everyone!"
~ Maya Nurimba, Japan

* Tingling sensations, itchiness, scaly skin, and other symptoms can be signs of the natural healing process at work! Click here for more information on the natural healing process.

Note: Results may vary depending on the individual.

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