ion bracelets and ion necklaces
ion bracelets
Experience the natural healing power of tourmaline negative ion bracelets and necklaces! Our ionic bracelets and necklaces bathe you in the soothing and revitalizing effects of beneficial natural negative ions and far infrared rays, in attractive designs.
Our health-promoting ion bracelets and necklaces contain a unique blend of the gemstone tourmaline and volcanic mineral zeolite, which together maximize the negative ions you are exposed to. No other minus ion bracelets or necklaces feature this proprietary blend of ion-producing materials!
These fashionable negative ion necklaces and bracelets are available in six different colors.

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When purchasing an ionic bracelet, no one wants to sacrifice style for function. With our attractive and healthy ion bracelets, you don't have to! Other negative or minus ion bracelets just can't compare.
Science meets eastern wisdom! Our special tourmaline ion bracelets and ion necklaces improve the flow of Ki, or vital energy, throughout your mind and body. Read more about this process here.
Try these negative ion bracelets and necklaces and experience the power of Ki Flow ion therapy! Order them here! (You can also place special orders for ion therapy anklets and pet collars by phone, too!)

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